Multi Tiered Support

LBES Multi-Tiered System of Support

MTSS: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support are in place to ensure that students at Big Piney Elementary School and LaBarge Elementary School are provided targeted instruction in their areas of need. We utilize the BIT (Building Intervention Team), grade level team meetings, and/or collaborative data meetings to determine necessary interventions for our students. We use a tiered RTI model: 


Ø  Tier 1: (All students) Students have access to the core curriculum in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Students who are not achieving at grade level are provided Tier 2 Interventions. 

Ø  Tier 2: (Some students) Students receive research-based interventions through Title 1 Reading, ELL (English Language Learners), or EIS (Early Intervention Services) specialists as well as regular education teachers. If we believe a student has a greater need, we may refer them for a Tier 3 Intervention.  Regular progress monitoring occurs for these students. 

Ø  Tier 3: (Few students) Students qualify who are referred through the BIT process or referred for testing to determine whether they qualify for Special Education Services. Tier 3 interventions are provided by highly qualified staff and are intended to help students who show significant delay in academic growth. Regular progress monitoring occurs for these students. 


Assessments: Students are screened each year using FastBridge Screening Assessments in Math and Language Arts. We assess students in the fall, winter, and spring to ensure growth. Progress monitoring occurs for students who are receiving interventions, and classroom outcome assessments are administered regularly, the results of which are discussed within grade level teams and appropriate staff. 


Specialists: Our support service specialists include our School Social Worker, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Special Education Teachers, Title 1 Reading Interventionists, and English Language Learner Specialist. 


Families are an integral component of the IEP team and the regular education team. Communication between school personnel and parents occurs on a regular basis; we provide quarterly reports for interventions and semester report cards on classroom work and behaviors. 


Finally, PD is provided to teachers and staff regarding academic and behavioral supports for our students. We utilize a ‘whole child’ approach to education and have implemented strategies to teach self-regulation and mindfulness as well. 

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