Message from the Principal

Big Piney High School Principal Jeff Makelky

Welcome BPHS Students and Parents,

The staff at Big Piney High School would like to welcome students and parents to the start of the 2019-2020 school year. The upcoming school year provides a new opportunity for students to achieve at their highest level possible. A caring and professional staff is in place along with the resources needed to assist our students in their quest for the knowledge and skills necessary to be college and career ready. Please be familiar with the critical information below:

§ FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - School begins Tuesday, August 27 at 8:10 am.

§ ONLINE REGISTRATION/STUDENT DEVICES- All parent and student signatures are required on the policy forms through online registration before school laptops will be distributed to students. Instructions are attached to this communication and can be found at www. Fall ATHLETES should have online registration completed as soon as possible.

§ PREVENT COSTLY REPAIR FEES - Students are encouraged to have a backpack with a protective sleeve for their school issued laptop to prevent repair costs that student will be responsible for.

§ NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCES - Please call in the morning on the day of the absence. Students with unexcused absences are considered truant and will need to make up the time missed. Student-athletes will not be able to participate (game or practice) on the day of an absence unless documentation of a medical appointment or pre-approved by the principal.

§ ACADEMIC LUNCH - Students with un-excused absences, excessive tardiness, failing grades or minor discipline issues will be assigned Academic Lunch with the principal or his designee.

§ NON SCHOOL DAYS - In addition to scheduled holidays and spring break, the following are non-school days for students (October 25, November 1, January 20, February 14, March 13, and April 10). These are great opportunities to schedule medical appointments to prevent missed school time. If your student participates in activities, please check with the coach as practice or contests may be scheduled.

As parents, my hope is that you will be an active participant in your student’s education at Big Piney High School. Feel free to contact the high school office regarding any questions you may have and stay in touch with school events by visiting the website at www.

Jeff Makelky

Principal / A.D. Big Piney High School