Home Schooling

     Sublette County School District No. 9 is required to enforce the compulsory school attendance laws of the State of Wyoming for children between the ages of 7 and 16. Children must attend school or comply with the homeschool laws from the age of 7 (if their seventh birthday falls on or before September 15 of the current academic year) until they either complete the 10th grade or reach age 16. It is the responsibility of the Sublette County School District No. 9 Superintendent of Schools to enforce this policy within the district.  Sublette County School District No. 9 will follow the relevant state statutes (W.S. 21-4-101-107 and W.S. 21-4-301) in cooperating with parents who wish to have their children receive education in a home school environment as an alternative to attending public or private schools.        

If you wish to home school your child or children during the 2023-2024 school year, please contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools for the forms. Parents are to submit, in writing, curriculum information during the month of August of each year (or immediately after withdrawal, or when moving to the area as a home schooler) to the Superintendent at P.O. Box 769, Big Piney, Wyoming 83113.  If you need additional information please call (307) 276-3322 opt. 1 and request a copy of the Home School Policy, Home School Guidelines and Notice of Home School Form. If your student(s) wish(es) to engage in sports, they must submit additional completed paperwork prior to participating in practice or competition.