Swimming Pool

Welcome to Big Piney Swimming Pool!


Cost for Open Swim, Rec Swim and Laps:

Student $ 1.00

Adults $ 2.00

Single person year pass $ 50.00

Family year pass $ 150.00

BPHS Swimming Pool

915 Piney Drive

(Big Piney High School)

Phone: 307-276-5599

Michelle Ruby Pool Manager

Michelle Ruby-

Pool Manager


2022-23 School Year

Public Hours

From August 15th through May:


6-8 a.m. -Lap swim

Monday through Thursday

9:00-Noon - Open swim


6-7:00 p.m. -Lap swim


Summer Hours

From June to August:


6 - 8 a.m. Laps

Monday through Thursday

9-12 Open Swim

1-3 p.m. Rec Swim

Tuesday/ Thursday

5-7 p.m. Evening Laps

Veronica Meeker Asst. Pool Manager

Veronica Meeker-

Asst. Pool Manager



Spa/Hot Tub Rules

    1. Check with your doctor before using spa/hot tub.

    2. No one is allowed use without supervisor's permission.

    3. No more than 6 people in spa/hot tub at any time.

    4. Shower before entering spa/hot tub.

    5. 15 minutes use per day!

    6. No floating devices of any kind.

    7. NO food or drink!

    8. NO smoking!

    9. No person with skin disease allowed use of spa/hot tub.

10. Regulation suits ONLY! (NO cutoffs)

11. NO horseplay!

12. NO Diving! (enter using stairs)

Lap Pool and Diving Tank Rules

    1. The pool supervisor has complete authority during all sessions and may evict anyone for violation of rules.

    2. Lifeguards are NOT to be distracted.

    3. NO food or drink allowed in the pool area.

    4. Everyone must shower before entering pools.

    5. NO Running!

    6. NO Smoking!

    7. No persons with skin disease allowed use of this facility.

    8. Regulation suits ONLY! (NO cutoffs)

    9. Spectators allowed in designated area only.

10. Pool is off limits when closed!

11. NO Diving in the Lap Pool! (Dive Tank only)


    • NO Jumping off the side into the Baby Pool

    • NO Running around the edges of the Baby Pool

    • NO Diving

    • Keep an eye on your child(ren) at all times

    • NO Big Kids in the Baby Pool

(Adults in charge of babies/tots ARE allowed)

    • NO noodles, flippers, or tubes

    • NO Horseplay