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Go, Rustlers!

Scott Carpenter Activities Director

Scott Carpenter -

Activities Director

307-276-3315 ex. 2301


Jann Maxfield-Assistant to Activities Director

Jann Maxfield-

Assistant to Activities Director

307-276-3315 ex. 2300


BPMS Activity Guidelines (Posted 9/11/20)

We will begin home games tomorrow (9/12) with football and Tuesday with 6th grade volleyball. I just wanted to let everyone know what that will look like:

  • We will use the main Big Piney Elementary School entrance to access the middle school and elementary gyms.

  • Our fountains are shut off, but there is a water bottle filler in the cafeteria.

  • All spectators are asked to be in the gym during the games (younger siblings are asked to sit with their parents, no kids in the halls or cafeteria).

  • We are currently not limiting numbers of spectators for MS activities, as we have not exceeded current limits in the past.

  • We are asking that you please sit with your family group and social distance, both in the gyms and at the football stadiums.

  • When social distancing is not possible, we are asking that you please wear a mask.

  • We will be playing home volleyball games in the middle school gym and at the Rec Center as the capacity of the elementary gym is very limited (I will let you know prior to games which team will be at which location).

  • We will split the gym into home and away sections. I may need to adjust this depending on the number of spectators.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Scott Carpenter

WHSAA Activities for Homeschool / Virtual School Students

Posted to BPHS Activities 8/12/20, BPMS Activities 3/12/21

If your child/children are engaging in Virtual or Homeschool and they wish to participate in any WHSAA school activity, you will need to complete the appropriate paperwork with the student's school secretary and pay WHSAA fees. If your student is 16 or over and wishes to engage in WHSAA activities, you will need to apply to homeschool/virtual school with the Superintendent's office in addition to the WHSAA paperwork.