LDA_Student Teaching and Internships

Code: LDA


The Board, recognizing its responsibility to improve the quality of teacher training and the contributions student teachers can make to the district, encourages and authorizes the Superintendent to arrange for the supervision and training of a reasonable number of such teachers in the district schools each year. 

The importance of the teacher training function to the future of education and the need to ensure high quality performance in our schools require that student teachers be placed with experienced teachers of demonstrated competence.  While no staff member of the district will be required to supervise practice teachers, it is felt that professionally interested teachers will volunteer to do so from time to time.  Teachers new to the district and those having three years or less of teaching experience normally will not be asked to undertake such responsibilities. 

Recognizing the special skills and expertise of the teacher training institutions and their staff, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to honor reasonable rules, regulations and training guidelines of the institutions. 

The teacher training institution will be expected to provide liaison personnel who will discuss with the building principal and with the teacher to whom the student is assigned the broad objectives that the institution believes should be sought for the student.  Such personnel will be free to visit the classrooms to observe the practice teacher at work.  It is expected that the teacher training institution will arrange the schedule of the student teacher to provide sufficient time in the classroom in order that continuity of experience for the practice teacher and the pupils is insured.

Adoption Date:  8/21/18