KDDA - News Releases

Code:  KDDA


Because the school district is a public institution endeavoring to serve the educational needs of the community, it is important that information be disseminated concerning activities and problems in the schools.  In order to coordinate this publicity into a common effort and purpose, the following procedures will be followed in giving official information to the news media: 

1.       The Board Chairman will be the official spokesman for the Board, except as this duty is delegated to the Superintendent. 

2.      News releases which are of a district-wide nature or pertain to established district policy are the responsibility of the Superintendent. 

3.     News releases which are of concern to an individual school, or to a school organization of the school, are the responsibility of the principal of that school.  The principal shall strive to notify the superintendent in advance of any news release pertaining to the school or school organization. 

4.        News releases will be made available to all news media operating within the school district. 



Adoption Date: 11/19/1980

Amended Date: 10/23/2014