KA - School-Parent-Community Relations and Goals

Code:  KA



The people in the community are interested in their schools as an extension of their homes, an extension which exists to perform a special function in the development of their children.

Therefore, the Board shall attempt to:

1. Keep the public informed about the policies, administrative operation, objectives, educational program, and successes or failures of the schools.

2. Provide the means for furnishing full and accurate information, favorable and unfavorable, together with interpretation and explanation of the school plans and programs.

It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent and his staff to inform the public regarding the administration and educational program of the district.

The Board believes that: 

*      the education of students is best served through the cooperative efforts of students, parents, district staff, and community members; 

*         parents should be active participants in education by demonstrating interest in and support for their school and the district, by becoming informed about their role as partners in education, and by becoming involved in the education of their children; and

*        community members should assist in the development of responsible citizens through appropriate involvement in the education of children. 

In support of this belief, the Board is committed to the concept that meaningful involvement of parents and community members is desirable in public schooling, and that involvement will vary from one person to the next and from school to school. 

The Board will, from time to time, seek the advice of groups or individuals on matters of concern to the district.  

The Board expects all district staff to demonstrate commitment to the involvement of parents and community members in education. 


Adoption Date: 11/19/1980

Amended Date: 10/23/2014