JRAB Student Records and Non-Custodial Parents

Code: JRAB


The Board believes it is appropriate to afford noncustodial parents* the opportunity to be informed and to participate in the education of their children on the same basis as any parent.  Access to the records shall be in accordance with policy JRA. 

Upon request, noncustodial parents shall be entitled to exercise all parental rights to the extent that such rights are not restricted by a legally binding instrument or court order.  These rights include but are not limited to: 

1.     Parents may initiate a written request to the building principal for the standard information listed below: 

a.     school calendar

b.     grade reports

c.     conference dates and times

d.     progress reports

2.     Parents may request and be granted a mutually agreeable conference arrangement in addition to that provided the custodial parent. 

It shall be presumed that there is no legally binding instrument or court order preventing the full implementation of this policy unless a copy is provided to the appropriate school administrator for verification by the custodial parent or his/her representative. 

*  A noncustodial parent refers to the parent who does not have custody of the child, but does have the right to information about the child's education. 

Adoption Date: 3/21/17