JJIC - Participation in High School Activities

Any high school student may, subject to the rules and regulations of the District, the activity sponsor or coach, and the WHSAA, if applicable, participate in Sublette County School District No. 9 high school activities, subject to the following:

1) Students who have not yet reached the age of thirteen (13) years as of September 15 of the applicable school year, and who are high school students, and who wish to participate in activities sponsored by the Wyoming High School Activities Association, may petition the high school principal or his or her designee to participate. Because the request could result in younger age students participating with older students in physical activities, the principal or his/her designee will determine the student’s fitness to participate in the activity, taking into account the safety, health and welfare of the students.

a) Factors to be considered in determining whether an underage student may participate in high school activities include, but shall not be limited to, the following: the student’s age, size, skill level and experience in the particular activity, the amount of physical contact in the relevant activity and the risk of injury.

b) For purposes of this sub-section, a “high school student” shall be defined as a resident student who is enrolled full time as a student in a school, which may include a virtual school, or a home school, and whose curriculum is equivalent to the curriculum offered by the high school. If any part of the curriculum for such student is not equivalent to a high school curriculum offered by the district, the student shall not be deemed a high school student.

Adopted: July 17, 2013