JICJ- Student Use of Cell Phone and Other Electronic Equipment

Code: JICJ



Student possession and use of cellular phones and other electronic devices on school grounds, at school-sponsored activities, and while under the supervision and control of School District employees is a privilege, which will be permitted only under the circumstances described herein.  Students may use cellular phones and other electronic signaling devices on campus before school begins, during passing periods, during lunch, and after school ends.  In special circumstances, the building principals may authorize the use of cell phones by students. 

The school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen devices. 

Except under special circumstances authorized by building administration, the use of cell phones during instructional time is prohibited. 

These devices must be non-accessible (kept in the student’s backpack, purse, etc.) and must be turned off during the instructional block, which includes the following: 

Other exclusions may be imposed at the discretion of coaches and other activity supervisors during activities. 

Students may not operate a cell phone or other electronic device with video or photographic capabilities in a locker room, bathroom, or any other location where such operation may violate the privacy rights of another person.  Any student who violates this prohibition shall be subject to discipline up to and including expulsion. 

The unauthorized use of such devices disrupts the instructional program and distracts from the learning environment.  Any unauthorized use of such devices with the apparent intent to “cheat”, including texting or other electronic means to convey information, is prohibited.  Therefore, unauthorized use is grounds for confiscation of the device by school officials, including classroom teachers and supervisory aides.  A first or second offense shall require confiscation of the device to be turned in to the school administration.  These confiscated devices will be returned to the student or to the student’s parent or guardian at the end of the school day, at the discretion of the administrator.  A third offense will result in confiscation and additional disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the administrator and may include a suspension from school or a recommendation for expulsion from school. 

Adopted:  2/18/15