JICG/JICH Alcohol Tobacco Drug Substance Abuse by Students




The possession, distribution or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco (defined to include electronic cigarettes), drugs for which the user does not have a lawful prescription, or substances which are used in such a manner as to be dangerous to the student in any school building, on school grounds, at any school function, or while on any school-sponsored trip is prohibited.  Students are prohibited from being in any school building, on school grounds, or at any school function while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances or following the immediate prior use of alcohol, drugs or substances.  This policy shall apply to all students regardless of whether or not they are of legal age. 


Any student suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substance or whose immediate prior use of alcohol, drugs or other substance is suspected may be removed from the classroom, school building, school grounds, or school function pending further investigation.  Students may be suspended or expelled for violation of the prohibition of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other substances.  (See policy GBED and the Coaches Handbook for specific consequences related to tobacco/nicotine products.)


The reference herein to “other substance” is intended to prohibit the use, possession or distribution, including smoking, huffing, inhaling, consuming, absorbing or otherwise ingesting a substance for the purpose of generating a high or rush, or otherwise altering the mental processing or impairing the consumer’s judgment or motor skills, or for use contrary to the lawful and intended use of the substance.  Such substances include, but are not limited to, glue, paint, Dust-off, petroleum products, “spice”, “K-2”, “Black Mamba”, “Puff”, “Sugar Sticks”, herbal incense, Salvia Divinorum, Salvinorum A, or any other substance, whether organic or non-organic, which substances are utilized in such a manner as to create a high or rush or otherwise alter the mental processing or impair the consumer’s judgment or motor skills or in such a way as to be contrary to their intended use or purpose.  


To help students who are identified as abusing alcohol/drugs/substances, District and community resources will be available to work toward overcoming this illegal use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or substances.  Students may self-refer or be remanded to such District and community resource providers.  The responsibility of correcting an identified problem is that of the student and his/her parent(s). 


The District will develop programs to educate students to bring about awareness and understanding of the dangers inherent in the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, controlled drugs, or other substances. 


The District will provide counseling service that will make it possible for students to seek and obtain counseling for drugs/substances and/or alcohol-related problems or will provide counseling as to where appropriate help can be received.   


Adoption Date: 10/21/10

Amended Date: 3/20/14

Amended Date: 3/16/23