JGA - Supervision of Student Behavior

Code: JGA


Every District staff member has the responsibility to assist in the overall supervision of student behavior.  It is the staff member's duty to enforce the school policy, administrative regulations, and generally accepted discipline measures, not only in his/her classroom or assigned areas, but also in all other areas of school property at school activities. 

When a District staff member deems it necessary, that staff member may use such physical force as may be reasonable and necessary to restrain or control a student, to exclude or remove a student from a classroom, school area, or school activity, or to escort a student to the principal's office or other appropriate area when: 


a.    it is necessary to intervene for purpose of restoring safety in an emergency situation constituting an imminent risk to the health or safety of students, staff or others.   In situations where restraint and/or seclusion of a student might otherwise be necessary, staff should utilize those procedures as set forth for restraint and seclusion in board policy JLJ and JLJ-R. 

Adoption Date:  11/19/1980

Amended: 9/19/1985 (JGA-R)

Revised: 03/23/2015

Revised: 03/16/16 (JGA)