JE_Student Attendance

Code:  JE


The Board of Trustees believes that regular attendance at school in every grade is essential if the child is to receive the maximum benefit of the educational program of the school district.  Regular attendance at school is also necessary in order to properly plan for the daily activities of each class.  Regular attendance and contribution from each student is also beneficial to the education of all other students in class. 

It is the school board's duty to set criteria for receiving credit for classes.  To successfully complete a class and receive credit, a student must: 

a)        earn a passing grade

b)        have satisfactory attendance as set forth in the student handbooks

Generally the administration shall be responsible for setting forth in student handbooks, particularly in the high school and junior high, attendance requirements and consequences for failure to attend and receiving unexcused absences. 

Every absence of a student from the district except for school activities shall require a note or phone call from the parent/guardian or designated adult person responsible for the student within the district, which shall be given preferably prior to the absence, but in no event later than prior to the start of school on the day following the absence.   Absences will be determined excused or unexcused and a determination as to when a student is deemed habitually truant is as set forth in policy JH. 

The administration shall develop uniform rules among the various grades as to whether or not and in what manner make-up work may be permitted when there is an unexcused absence. 

Adoption Date:  3/21/2017

Amended Date:  9/18/2018

Amended Date:  8/16/22