IHCD Policy - Advanced College Placement

The Board of Trustees hereby adopts a program of advanced placement and enrichment by allowing high school students to take post-secondary courses concurrent with the regular high school program. Such courses may be taken at area postsecondary institutions under guidelines to be developed by the school administration and approved by the Board.

Pursuant to W.S. §21-20-201, the school district will enter into an agreement to establish a post-secondary education enrollment program with one or more community colleges or the University of Wyoming. Student eligibility for the post-secondary educational programs shall be based upon criteria established by the post-secondary institution in collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Education and the school district.

A student participating in a post-secondary education enrollment program shall, upon successfully completing any course offered under the program, receive academic credit from the school district, which shall be counted toward the graduation requirements of the district. Evidence of successful completion of each course, the secondary credits granted, and a statement that the credits were earned through program participation, shall be made a part of the participating student’s records maintained by the district. In addition, the participating student shall receive post-secondary education credit in accordance with the post-secondary education institution’s requirements.

The school district will enter into an agreement with the post-secondary institution with regard to the fees for the courses, if any, and acquisition of necessary textbooks, materials or equipment to complete the program, which fees or charges to the extent required for the program shall be charged by the post-secondary institution to the district and not the student. To the extent there may be a fee for the purchase of materials incorporated into projects retained by the student, student may be requested to pay for such materials the same as if such class were taught by the school district.

The district at its option may also include transportation to or from such programs.

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit a high school student from taking a college or university course apart from any agreement entered into between the district and the post-secondary institution so long as the student bears the cost. Such college courses will not be counted toward credit for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements at the school district.

Adoption Date: November 17, 2009