IB - Academic Freedom

Code:  IB




The Board of Trustees recognizes that the right of people to study and discuss controversial issues is basic to the perpetuation of our American form of democracy.  It is important to have a citizenry that exercises its rights, keeps well informed, searches activity for divergent points of view, evaluates courses of action in the light of available evidence and basic democratic values, and then acts responsibly on the basis of decisions made. 


The school’s educators, therefore, are directed to encourage freedom of discussion and enhance the desire to search for truth and knowledge.  The school’s educators must see that consideration is given to the relative immaturity of students and to the students’ needs for guidance and assistance in studying the issues and arriving at balanced views. 


Speech on political issues and candidates can be highly controversial and divisive.   The school and staff, while fulfilling duties as a school district employee, will retain a position of neutrality on political issues and candidates and respect the varying viewpoints of the public.


See policy GBIB. 


WSBA Revised:  11/___/21


Adoption Date:  3/22/22