GCF Policy - Professional Staff Hiring

Code: GCF


Because the quality of the staff hired by the Board is the major component of an effective, productive educational program, the board and the administration of the District will make every effort possible to attract and retain the best qualified personnel. 

The best qualified applicant will be selected for each position without regard to race, color, creed, national origin; nor will any person be denied employment because of age, sex, marital status, or place of residence.  Recommendations from all sources, when used properly, may have a positive influence on consideration given to an application. 

The superintendent will be responsible for developing selection procedures and recommending candidates to the Board. The School Board will not approve the recommendation to offer a contract for a certified position to the spouse of the superintendent.

All employment inquiries will be directed to the superintendent of schools or his designee for processing and documentation, and application forms, letters of instruction, form letter responses, and information bulletin distributions will be made from that office.  The superintendent of schools will be responsible for documentation of the processing of employment inquiries. 

Prior to making a final decision as to the hiring of any employee, the employee must consent to and provide the necessary documentation (fingerprinting, etc.) to allow for a criminal background check.  The criminal background check shall be carried out by the School District or, if a certified employee, this requirement may be met by the Professional Teaching Standards Board conducting a criminal background check of the applicant prior to being employed with the School District.  In the event that the criminal background check has been conducted by the Professional Teaching Standards Board, the Superintendent may elect to waive the requirement for an additional criminal background check.  The Superintendent shall retain authority to request a criminal background check in any situation when he deems it appropriate for the School District to have the specific information prior to making a hiring decision or when there has been no recent criminal background check of the applicant. 

Adoption Date:  2/21/17

Amended:  1/21/20