GCC_Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

Code: GCC

                                                  Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

Professional Leave – Professional leave may be granted but must be used only for attendance at workshops whether on a state or national level which are designed to improve areas of teaching or coaching tied to professional growth plans and or goals and objectives of the school or district. Requests for coaching professional development will be made by the Activities Director to the building principal. All other requests will be made to the building principal. All leave must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools. It shall be the intent to prorate the leave in such a manner that the disruption to classroom activities is minimal. This also includes trips by members of Big Piney Education Association. Teachers selected to the National Board Certification program can have up to 4 professional leave days per year to attend workshops sponsored by the National Board.

Sabbatical Leave – A leave may be granted with the approval of the school board to further a staff member’s education, to travel, or to rest. The employee taking this leave will not lose contract level or placement on the salary schedule. The time absent shall not count as a year taught on the salary schedule.

Maternity Leave – Refer to Policy GBEC – Family Medical Leave Act Policy.

Witness or Jury Duty – The Board recognizes the importance of the jury system in a democracy and the obligation of all citizens to serve as jurors under appropriate circumstances. Employees shall be excused for jury duty with no jeopardy to their employment or compensation. Substitutes, when necessary, shall be paid by the district. Those serving on jury duty will retain the mileage paid by the judicial unit but must reimburse the district for the amount they receive as payment for jury duty.

Adoption date: 11/19/80

Amended Date:  3/19/97

Amended Date:  6/26/2012

Amended Date: 3/20/14