GBI - Staff Participation in Political Activities

Code: GBI



The Board of Trustees recognizes that successful functioning of our democratic society depends upon each individual's acceptance of his or her responsibility for participation in politics and government.  This shall not be construed to mean that the district will provide financial support by paying salaries during absences related to elective political offices.  It is also recognized that school district employees have a primary obligation for providing quality instruction to the children with whom they work. 

The Board of Trustees does not restrict the political involvement of district employees provided: 

1)      That an absence for political activities will be treated the same as any other absence for personal reasons and must have prior approval by the administration; 

2)    That no school facilities, equipment, or supplies be used for campaigning or other political activities nor shall the employee discuss the campaign with school personnel or students during the work day, nor shall the employee use any time during the work day for campaigning purposes; 

3)         That approval of candidacy for public office or other political activity that necessitates absence from work in excess of that provided by board policies or contract must be approved by the board of trustees at least five (5) days before any public announcement of such candidacy; except in exceptional cases the board will not allow employees to miss any significant amount of work in order to hold office and carry out the duties of their elected office.  In those instances in which the board, however, approves the candidacy for public office and the absence from work, the board will determine the terms and conditions under which the employee may continue employ­ment as he seeks and holds public office.  No salary will be paid by the school district for any absence from school duties because of political activities or duties of political office. 

4) Staff conduct related to political campaigns/activities while fulfilling their duties as a staff member are governed by policy GBIB.  

Adoption Date:  11/19/80

Amended:  2/21/17

WSBA Revised:  11/08/21

Amended:  1/18/22