GBB Policy - Staff Involvement in Decision-Making

Code:  GBB


The Board wishes to encourage employee participation in the process leading to decision making for the school district.  From time to time this participation may include work on committees, as appropriate to areas, programs, and schools, in such areas as: 

Policy and regulations development;

Development of Programs goals and objectives;

Budget planning;

Facilities planning. 

In the development of regulations and arrangements for the operation of the school district, the superintendent should generally include at the planning stage those employees or their representative who will be affected by such provisions. 

The certificated staff shall be given full opportunity and encouragement to contribute to curriculum development, with particular arrangements made for determining curricular goals and objectives, and the development of policies and regulations pertaining to the instructional program. 

Each principal shall maintain channels for conferring with both the certificated and support staffs in establishing building policies and regulations. 

The superintendent shall evolve with employees’ channels for the communication of ideas and feelings regarding the operation of the schools.  He shall weigh with care the counsel given, especially by groups designated to represent large segments of the staff, and shall inform the Board of such counsel in presenting recommendations for Board action. 

Adoption Date:  11/19/80

Amended:  08/18/16