EEAEA_Bus Driver Requirements, Training and Responsibilities



Safe drivers are essential to school bus safety.  Drivers must know and obey the law. They must be healthy and have good hearing and vision.  They must also possess an attitude which prevents them from abusing the vehicle and handling it in a reckless manner. 

District bus drivers must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License, have passed a physical examination, and have completed the district's bus driver training program.  They must also be willing to submit to a random drug testing program and attend regularly scheduled bus safety training programs. 

The physical examination shall be performed by a licensed practicing Wyoming physician with the results to be reported on forms prescribed by the board.  The district will pay the cost of the physical examination for employed drivers up to a fee limit set by the district. 

All drivers must comply with the Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Policy (EEAEA-R). 

The major duties and responsibilities of each school bus driver are to: 

 1.    Operate the school bus in conformity with local, county, and state safety regulations.  

 2.    Enforce district rules and regulations. 

 3.    Control the behavior of passengers. 

 4.    Keep on bus routes and be on time. 

 5.    Enforce the ban on possession or use of tobacco. 

 6.    Prohibit the transporting and/or carrying of animals, firearms, or other objects which may endanger the life or health of passengers on the bus. 

 7.    Inspect the bus daily and report any need for repair or maintenance to appropriate District personnel.

 8.    Stop at all railroad crossing whether carrying passengers or not. 

 9.    Transport only District students and District employees or spouse of employees, with the exception of media personnel to specific activities when space allows and when such exception is approved by the Superintendent or Transportation Director. 

10.   Use only substitutes which have been approved by the Board of Trustees. 

11.   Follow all rules and regulations outlined in the Bus Driver's Handbook. 

Bus drivers shall be selected in accordance with the hiring process adopted for other classified staff.  They shall be supervised and evaluated in accordance with the District's policies on evaluation of classified staff.  Every bus driver shall also participate in the District's bus driver training program, which program shall be included in the bus drivers handbook or, if none, in a separate training program on file in the office of the Transportation Supervisor for the School District. 

Each applicant for a bus driver position shall complete and submit an application form that includes a personal and occupational history.  Persons responsible for hiring bus drivers shall complete a check of the successful applicant's driving record. 

The District shall retain on file a copy of the medical examiner's certificate showing completion of an annual physical as required by Wyoming or federal law. 

Each driver shall participate in annual training consisting of not less than six (6) hours for each person whose duties involve the operation of school buses. 

Adoption Date: 11/22/16