DBJ Policy - Budget Transfers

Code: DBJ


At the request of the budget officer or upon its own motion after publication of  notice and a hearing, the board of trustees may by resolution transfer any  unencumbered or unexpended appropriation balance or part thereof from one  fund or account to another. 

Individual items within the limits of a budget category may be overdrawn at the  discretion of the business manager, but category items may be overdrawn only  by order of the board. Inter-fund transfers should be limited and the accounting  for such transfers must follow the regulations of the Wyoming State Department  of Education. Also, transfers shall be approved by the board. 

The superintendent or designee shall recommend to the board transfers from  one budget category to another.


Formerly DBK Policy – Line Item Transfer Authority

Adopted:  11/19/80

Amended to DBJ Policy Budget Transfers:  7/18/23

Sublette County School District #9, Big Piney, Wyoming