DB Policy - Annual Budget

Code: DB: Annual Budget


School budgeting in Wyoming is regulated and controlled by legislation and  regulations of the State Board of Education. The Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act  which applies to all districts, provides the framework for preparation, passage,  and implementation of the district's annual operating budget.

It is the legal document which described the programs to be conducted during  a given period of time. The budget shall be considered a controlled spending  plan for the fiscal year, and it shall state in financial terms the operational plan  for the conduct of all programs in the school district. It shall be adopted for  amounts and categories which meet the program needs of the schools. 

The District Business Manager, under the direction of the Superintendent, shall  serve as the budget officer for the district. In this capacity he/she shall be  responsible for the budget preparation, budget presentation, and budget  administration.


Adopted: 11/19/80

Amended: 7/18/23

Sublette County School District #9, Big Piney, Wyoming