CHCA_ Handbooks and Directives

Code: CHCA


In order that pertinent Board policies, District regulations, and departmental and/or school rules and procedures may be known by District personnel and students affected by them, District administrators and principals are granted authority to issue staff and student handbooks as found necessary and desirable.


It is essential that the contents of handbooks conform with District-wide policies and regulations. It is also important that all handbooks bearing the name of the District or one of its schools be of a quality that reflects credit on the District. Therefore, the Board expects handbooks to be approved by the Superintendent prior to publication.


The Board shall review and approve prior to publication the District-wide personnel handbooks, technology handbook, and school student handbooks.


All handbooks are intended as a guide for the efficient and professional performance of this school district and the employees and students of the district. Nothing in the handbook shall be construed to be a contract between the employer and the employee. The handbook should not be construed by any employee as containing binding terms and conditions of employment. The board of trustees of the school district retains the sole and exclusive right to add, delete and amend the provisions contained in the handbooks at such time as they deem it necessary and in the manner they deem best for the school district. Nothing in the handbook shall be construed as altering the right of the school district to terminate any classified employee at any time with or without good cause.


Adoption Date: 11/19/80 

Amended Date: 6/19/14, 2/15/22