CBJ_Superintendent's Termination of Employment

                                              Code:  CBJ

                                                                                                           SUPERINTENDENT'S TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT

The Superintendent's contract may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the Board and the Superintendent. The Superintendent's contract shall automatically expire upon the expiration date provided for in the contract.  The Board of Trustees shall have no obligation to renew the Superintendent's contract and may elect to not renew the contract for any reason.  The Board shall have no obligation to give the Superintendent a list of reasons or a hearing in the event they should elect to not renew his contract. 

The Board will not terminate the Superintendent's contract or dismiss the contract prior to the expiration date of his contract without good cause and after an opportunity for the Superintendent to have a full due process hearing on the issue of whether there is cause for dismissal from the contract. 

Adoption Date:  7/16/14