CA_Administration Goals

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The major responsibility of the school administration in this district is to provide leadership directed toward the implementation, facilitation, and improvement of the District's instructional program.  The administration must strive to create an environment which encourages the cooperative efforts needed to support District philosophies and accomplish District goals and objectives.  

Administrators should be effective decision makers who give consideration to the input of others when appropriate.  They should facilitate the participation of appropriate persons and groups (parents, community persons, superiors, subordinates and peers) in the school improvement process on matters within the scope of their responsibility, expertise, and desire to be involved.  

Administration Goals:  

The purpose of school administration is to help create and foster an environment in which students may learn effectively.  All administrative duties and functions should be appraised in terms of the contribution they make to better instruction and to increase student motivation and achievement.  

The Board will rely on its chief executive officer, the Superin­tendent of Schools, to provide the professional administrative leadership that such a goal demands.


The design of the administrative organization will be such that all departments of the district and all schools are part of a single system subject to the policies of the Board and implemented through a single chief administrator, the Superintendent.  

The administrators and supervisors are expected to administer their units in accordance with board policies and administrative regulations.  However, the mere execution of directives cannot and should not, by itself, be construed as good administration.  Vision, initiative, resourcefulness, and leadership are essential in effective administration of schools.  

Within the scope of each administrator's responsibility, the administrator:  

...  facilitates the development of an environment which fosters student learning

...  understands his/her responsibilities and authorities and organizes and manages to meet the responsibilities

...  is knowledgeable about current trends in education, and available resources

...  is knowledgeable regarding effective teaching techniques and methodologies

...  acts in accordance with Board policies

...  delegates authority and responsibility when appropriate

...  contributes as a member of the administrative team and supports team decisions

...  supervises and evaluates the performance of personnel and programs using appropriate District policies and procedures

...  encourages professional growth opportunities for staff and provides for them

...  treats others fairly, consistently, and honestly

...  maintains positive community/school relations

...  facilitates the development and implementation of district, building or program goals, provides appropriate resources, monitors progress toward reaching goals, and evaluates goal accomplishment

...  develops and administers budget

...  manages fiscal resources to support the school(s) and its programs

...  ensures the proper operation and maintenance of facilities, vehicles, equipment, and services

...  assumes responsibility for personnel decisions and recommendations

...  serves as an advocate for assigned staff, programs, and students

...  accepts accountability for his/her area of responsibility, including teacher performance and student achievement

...  demonstrates effective leadership and positive relationships with students individually and in groups

...  is flexible in administrative style

...  participates in professional growth activities

...  demonstrates effective interpersonal skills

...  demonstrates respect for the dignity and worth of students, staff, parents, community members, and other administrators

...  demonstrates professional, ethical behavior. 

 Adoption Date: 11/19/80

Amended Date: 6/19/14