BEDB Agenda Format Preparation and Dissemination

                                                                 Code:  BEDB


  The order of business during any meeting of the Board shall be determined by an agenda prepared by the superintendent in consultation with the board chairperson.

 Members of the staff or public who wish to have a particular item(s) placed on the agenda, or who desire to make a presentation to the Board, may make these requests to the superintendent or the board chairperson.

 The agenda, together with supporting materials, shall be sent to board members by the superintendent sufficiently prior to the meeting, if at all possible, to permit them to give items of business advance study.

 The agenda shall be distributed to interested organizations and agencies that request copies.

 The Board shall follow the order of business set up by the agenda, unless, by consensus, the Board agrees to modify the order of business.  The agenda will allow a suitable time for the remarks of the public who wish to speak to the Board.

 Guests appearing before the Board to speak may be given preference to other agenda items.

 Adoption Date: 11/19/80

Amended Date: 3/19/97

Amended Date: 4/17/14