BEC Executive Sessions

                                                                                                                                                                                    Code:  BEC

                 EXECUTIVE SESSIONS

  Executive sessions may be convened by the Board, at the call of the chairman, and with the approval of the Board for discussion relating to the following:

 1.     Matters relating to the employment or dismissal or other charges against district personnel;

 2.     Matters relating to litigation or proposed litigation in which the Board or School District is a party;

 3.     Consideration of the selection of a site or purchase of real estate, when publicity would     cause a likelihood of an increase in price;

 4.     Consideration of the acceptance of gifts, bequests, or donations where confidentiality has been requested by the donor;

 5.     To consider or receive any information classified as confidential by law (i.e., legal advice); 

 6.     Consideration of accepting or tendering wage and benefit offers and to discuss terms of employment during all negotiations; and

 7.     Consideration of suspension, expulsion, or disciplinary action in connection with a student.

 The motion to go into executive session shall state the purpose of the executive session, which shall be one of the areas listed above.  The only persons who may attend executive sessions are Board members, the superintendent (except when his appointment or salary are under consideration), and other individuals the Board may invite to be present.

 Any decision discussed and deliberated upon during an executive session shall be formally acted upon at an open meeting following the executive session.

 No action shall be taken at executive sessions.  Minutes of executive sessions shall be recorded but not published.  Minutes of executive session shall be maintained in confidential files of the District not open to the public.  That such a session will be, or was held, shall be recorded in the minutes of the preceding or subsequent open meeting.

 Board members and other persons attending an executive session are duty‑bound not to disclose matters discussed at the executive session.

 Adoption Date: 6/26/12