BDA_Board Organizational Meeting

Code: BDA


The Board shall organize annually by the election of officers from its membership at the first regular meeting in December.  The meeting shall be chaired by the superintendent until a chairperson is elected.

The officers of the Board shall be chairperson, vice‑chairperson, clerk, treasurer and assistant treasurer.

Election shall be by a voice vote or, if the board chooses to do it by written note, the written votes shall be retained and included with the minutes.  Nominations shall be made from the floor.  A nominee must receive a majority vote of board members for election to office.  Should no nominee receive a majority vote, the election shall proceed until a member is elected.


Adoption Date:   11/19/80

Amended Date:  3/19/97

Amended Date:  4/17/14

Amended Date:  2/21/17