Bus Routes


1. Fontenelle Creek: Bus #65 This bus has five stops before La Barge and two going North to Big Piney. This bus travels 134 miles a day. 

2. La Barge Creek: Travels from Big Piney to the end of the pavement on County road 315 with four stops along the route. The bus travels back to La Barge where it will pick up the town students. The bus will travel from La Barge to Big Piney with a stop along the route. This bus travels 161 miles a day. 

3. Highway 351: The bus travels to the Paradise County Road, then a mile north to the first stop. The bus travels back to Highway 351. The bus then travels to the East Green River County Road, where it travels four miles up the road to the first stop on that road. It travels back to 351 with three stops along the way. The bus then travels back to Highway 189 with two stops along the way. The bus then travels to Marbleton with four stops in Marbleton. This bus travels 86 miles per day. 

4. North Piney: The bus travels twelve miles up the North Piney road to the first stop. The bus travels back to Highway 189. There are seven stops before the bus gets to the Highway. The bus travels to Marbleton, where it has three more stops before it gets to the school. This bus travels 54 miles a day. 

5. Middle Piney/North Cottonwood: Bus 96 14 miles north to Cottonwood Rye Grass road back to Marbleton for 6 stops.  Then west of Big Piney for 2 stops.  This bus travels 58 miles a day.

Rules and Bus Information

Please see the image below for more information on the Zonar ZPass!

The SafeStop tool was discontinued due to very limited parent usage.

Zonar Letter
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John Copeland

Transportation Director