SCSD9 is excited to incorporate Zonar ZPass and SafeStop into the transportation program this year!

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Zonar Letter
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John Copeland-

Transportation Director


Bus Routes


1. Fontenelle Creek: Runs from Big Piney to ten miles up County road 314 and back to La Barge with numerous stops along the way. The bus will then travel to Big Piney with several stops along the way. This bus travels 212 miles a day.

2. La Barge Creek: Travels from Big Piney to the end of the pavement on County road 315 with four stops along the route. The bus travels back to La Barge where it will pick up the town students. The bus will travel from La Barge to Big Piney with a stop along the route. This bus travels 161 miles a day.

3. Highway 351: The bus travels to the Paradise County road, then a mile to the north for the first stop. The bus then travels back to 351. The bus travels to the East Green River County road, where the first stop is four miles up the road. It will stop two more times before it hits 351. The bus has two more stops before it comes to Highway 189. This bus travels 86 miles per day.

4. Middle Piney: This bus travels twelve miles west of Big Piney to the Budd Ranch then travels back to Big Piney where it has two stops near EOG. The bus travels to Marbleton where there are five stops. This bus travels 75 miles a day.

5. North Cottonwood: This bus travels north to the district boundary on Highway 189. The bus travels back to the Fairgrounds for a stop. This bus has three stops in Marbleton. This bus travels 72 miles per day.

6. North Piney: Bus travels eleven miles up County road 143 to the first stop. The bus travels back down the road for five more stops on the county road. The bus travels to Marbleton for two stops. This bus travels 54 miles a day.

7. South Piney: Determined following registration.

8. Special Needs: This bus travels up County road 143 to Aspen Lane for its first stop. The bus travels to 13th street in Marbleton for it’s second stop. The bus will then travel to Rob’s Roost for the next stop. The bus will then go to Big Piney for the last stop. This bus travels 52 miles a day.

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