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Posted as an addition to the Adapted Learning Plan on 4/24/20

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E-Learning Schedules

Beginning 4/6/20



8:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Instructional Delivery for GRADES 6 THRU 12 will follow the seven (7) period schedule (BPHS) and the eight (8) period schedule that has been established throughout the school year to date. That schedule will include daily instructional time that ranges from 45 to 60 minutes in the morning, ending close to noon each instructional day. (Schedules Attached)

1:00 -3:00 Teachers will be available to support students on their assignments through email, Canvas, Google and via school phone when appropriate.

If the school closure goes beyond the currently scheduled date (4/17/20) we may reconsider the morning schedule to reflect more of a ‘block schedule’ if the staff does not think the students are making progress. We will revise and update the schedule for approval if that is the recommendation.

8:15 AM-12:00 PM

Instructional Delivery for GRADES K THRU 5. Instructional staff in these grades will be using Canvas and/or Google Docs and/or Google Classroom to provide instruction. Their schedules may not exactly proximate the schedule they followed while providing classroom instruction. These teachers are being asked to place an emphasis on Math and Language Arts. This does not mean that other subjects will not be delivered. Art, PE, Music, Band, Science and Social Studies will all be made available. Each grade level team will need to determine how best to schedule these subjects as it is unlikely that they will be delivered daily.

1:00 PM-3:00 pm

Instructional Staff, Support Staff, Administrators and Para-educators will be available to students and parents to provide direct services (e.g. counseling, speech language etc,), tutoring, support, and communication.

Adapted Learning Plan

Adapted Learning Plan with Grading 042420.pdf

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Posted as an addition to the Adapted Learning Plan on 4/24/20

Additional Resources Added 3/24/20

For Grades K-8


Added 3/23/20

Please click the link below for more on K-5 Digital Practice / Enrichment Activities


Por favor, haga clic en el siguiente enlace para más información sobre K-5 Digital Práctica / Actividades de Enriquecimiento


Please see the note below from Mr. Carpenter for more on 6-8 Digital Practice / Enrichment Activities

BPMS Practice/Enrichment Activities

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well. Below are some links to practice/enrichment activities. Feel free to try them out, but nothing is required and nothing will be graded.

https://www.khanacademy.org/ Free resources with videos and activities for all subjects.

https://www.ck12.org/student/ Free math and science lessons

https://phet.colorado.edu/ Math and science interactive simulations

https://www.readworks.org/ Free reading comprehension practice

https://www.adaptedmind.com/ Free math and reading games (Homepage says K-6, but when you click “Get Started Now” it is k-8)

IXL – Students can access through their PuncherPortal and practice previously learned skills.

Práctica BPMS / Actividades de Enriquecimiento

Hola a todos,

Espero que lo estás haciendo bien. A continuación se presentan algunos enlaces para practicar actividades de enriquecimiento /. Siéntase libre para probarlos, pero no se requiere nada y nada será calificado.

https://www.khanacademy.org/ Los recursos gratuitos con videos y actividades para todos los sujetos.

https://www.ck12.org/student/ matemáticas libre y clases de ciencias

https://phet.colorado.edu/ Simulaciones matemáticas y ciencia interactiva

https://www.readworks.org/ la práctica de comprensión de lectura gratuito

https://www.adaptedmind.com/ matemáticas libre y juegos de lectura (Página dice K-6, pero al hacer clic en “empezar ahora” es k-8)

IXL - Los estudiantes pueden acceder a través de su PuncherPortal y practicar las habilidades aprendidas previamente.

Mr. Makelky has indicated that beyond the resources above and below, the high school will be using Canvas.

El Sr. Makelky ha indicado que más allá de los recursos arriba y abajo, la escuela secundaria va a utilizar lienzo.

Here is the link to Immediate Access to Achieve3000 Remote Learning


Please find a description of the program below.

Aquí está el enlace de tener acceso inmediato a Achieve3000 de aprendizaje a distancia


Por favor, encontrar una descripción del programa a continuación.

Achieve 3000 Remote Learning

Here is the link to BYU Independent Studies Online Courses https://agilix.com/freecontent/.

There is further explanation of this offering below.

Aquí está el enlace a Cursos Estudios de BYU en línea independiente https://agilix.com/freecontent/.

Hay una explicación más detallada de esta oferta a continuación.

BYU Independent Studies