JJIF Training, Information and Restrictions on Participation

Policy: JJIF



Because a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, it should always be treated carefully and seriously. Young athletes are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a concussion, which has the potential to result in short or long-term changes in brain function or, in some cases, death. Any time the signs or symptoms of a concussion are observed by or reported to school personnel, precautions should immediately be taken. The school district has developed protocols for the training of coaches and athletic trainers to facilitate the recognition of symptoms of concussions and to address restrictions concerning participation in school athletic events after suffering a concussion or head injury. The district has also developed protocols which require providing information to students and parents on head injuries and concussions and related restrictions on participation in athletic activities. The school administration and Activities Director shall take the appropriate steps to ensure that the district’s coaches, athletic trainers, volunteers and other individuals responsible for coaching, providing athletic training, or advising school athletic teams, comply with the district’s protocols as set forth in Regulation JJIF-R(1).

Adopted: September 15, 2011