Entry Information for Fans at State Events

posted Feb 28, 2018, 9:25 AM by NaCole Stevens
A message from WHSAA regarding State Sporting Events:

We have updated the Events Center Entry Policy (attached) on each of our State Tournament pages on our website http://www.whsaa.org/stateevents/basketball/1a2abasketball.asp.  However, I do think it is important for your fans to know that there will be a bag check at all facilities and they will be using the metal wand detector at the Events Center. Any of the items on the prohibited list will either be confiscated or they will have to take them back to their vehicle. They will allow cameras, lenses and recorders.

The 1A/2A Tournament will be at Casper College on Thursday and Friday and we will use Natrona County High School on Saturday. There will be plenty of parking. We will have a team entrance and a fan entrance.

The 3A/4A Tournament will be at Kelly Walsh all three days as we will not have any access to Casper College. The parking during the school day on Thursday and Friday will be very limited in the parking lots as school will still be in session. The night sessions and Saturday games should not be near the issue as the parking lots will be able to be used. We will have a team entrance and a fan entrance. These entrances will be different from what was used during the regular season games.

Attached, please find a campus map for both facilities as to where the parking and entrances will be. This is also posted on our website under the information link.

Anything you can do to assist your fans with this information will be appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.


Ron Laird

WHSAA Commissioner

2018 Events Center Prohibited Items List

1A & 2A Site Map:

NC Campus Map

3A & 4A Site Map:

KW Campus Map