BPHS Principal Message

Jeff Makelky- Principal
  Jeff Makelky- Principal

BPHS Class of 2018 Rocks the ACT:

The class of 2018 topped all high schools in the state of Wyoming in the mathematics category on the ACT with a 22 on the state assessment last spring.  In the English category of the ACT, BPHS finished with the 2nd highest score in the state at 21.7 and had a top ten finish in the Science portion of the ACT.  Overall, the Class of 2018 tied for 4th best in the state with a school record 21.4 composite score. Congratulations BPHS class of 2018!

Setting the Bar High for the 2017-2018 School Year:

Each grade level advisory team has set goals for the current school year.  We also have two goals that as a school we want to accomplish.  I believe great things happen when a school’s attendance rate is high - thus we will always strive to reach an extremely high level of attendance.  You can also see that most class goals include a 100% participation rate in a school activity or sport.  Multiple studies show that students who are involved in school activities not only enjoy their high school experience more but also perform better in the classroom.

ALL School:

      • Attain a 95% Attendance Rate.

      • Achieve 75% Proficiency in Math & Reading.


      • 100% earn six or more credits (on track for graduation).

      • 100% participation in a school activity or sport.


      • Achieve a 75% proficiency in Reading (MAP or WY-TOPP).

      • Beat the state average in all categories (WY-TOPP).


      • Beat the state average in Reading on the ACT.

      • 100% participation in a school activity or sport.


      • 100% graduation rate.

      • 100% apply & accepted to a postsecondary school or job.

      • 100% apply for local scholarships.

      • 100% develop a long-term career plan

      • 100% participation in a school activity or sport.