posted Apr 5, 2018, 12:24 PM by Marsha Barlow
At BPES we value regular school attendance, as it is vitally important to every child's academic progress.  Regular attendance not only affects your child's academic progress, it also contributes to his/her lifelong attitudes towards school.  When a student has numerous absences, Teachers then need to utilize instructional time reteaching them to bring them up to speed.  Additionally, the more absences a student accumulates, whether they're sequential of intermittent, the less he or she can be expected to adequately participate in and understand classroom activities.  Children begin to form lifelong habits and attitudes about education in elementary school, which makes it so important for children to be on time for school and for families to make attendance a priority.  I am reluctant to send several absence letters in a year when we've had such severe illnesses, but our absences for other reasons are substantial this year, too.  Thank you for your understanding, Families!